Programme  for 2014

Let us introduce you to music and drama you have never experienced before, and widen your horizons to music you would never have have even thought of listening to.

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Sat 10 May 8pm


St Vitus’ Dance

Anne Marie Summers

bagpipes, recorder, voice, hurdy gurdy, shawm

Steve Tyler

     hurdy gurdy, citole, gothic harp, cittern, percussion

Dancing mania arose in mainland Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries and involved groups of men, women and children dancing erratically, sometimes thousands at a time, until they collapsed from exhaustion. Misericordia explore the mad dance music of the Middle Ages – manic Italian istampitas, frantic French estampies, crazy Spanish pilgrim dances and wild carols and dances from the English Gresley manuscript.

Anne Marie Summers and Stephen Tyler have been playing and recording together as a duo for over two decades, taking some of the earliest scored music and combining it with the improvisational element of folk music for an exciting and dynamic performance. They are accomplished multi-instrumentalists, and their wide range of instruments allows them many different sound textures to match the different musical traditions of medieval Europe.

Sat 4 October 8pm

Debs Newbold

King Lear: Re-Told

"Tell me my daughters...which of you shall we say doth love us most?"

The word spellbinding is oft overused, but not of this performance. This is

Shakespeare as imagined by the storyteller from Shakespeare’s Globe and a

storytelling event you cannot miss.

Dark and challenging, epic and shocking, human and uplifting.  With this explosive and emotive retelling of the legend of Lear, King of the Britons, Debs Newbold channels her love of Shakespeare's language to whip up a great storm that will snatch you from your seat and send you hurtling into its bloody centre.  This riveting and celebrated adaptation was created for a sell-out show at The Hay Festival, performed to acclaim at Shakespeare's Globe and nominated for an award at the British Awards for Storytelling Excellence.

Listen, and be immersed both in Shakespeare's incomparable verse and the warm, poetic storytelling that is uniquely Debs' own, and discover why her work with Shakespeare's tales has been hailed “a masterful piece of verbal cinema”.

“An utterly fantastic adaptation...and a wonderful, disciplined, skilled and effortless performance”

Sat 13 December 8pm

Stevie Wishart

Strings, Wheel, and Fingers

Bowed strings are among our oldest musical instruments. The idea of the violin bow seems to be of Arabic ancestry, but the invention of the hurdy-gurdy, with its bow in the form of a wheel, is specifically of European heritage: its sound is utterly unique: both timeless & musically undefinable.

Stevie Wishart is a composer, performer and improviser. She explores medieval and contemporary extremes, using voices, ancient technologies such as the hurdy gurdy, and electronic music technologies of our own time. She has composed for modern orchestras and vocal groups and for her own group, Sinfonye.  As a composer she works acoustically with music notation, sometimes combined with improvisation, sometimes using computer music systems. She is currently a Visiting Music Fellow at the University of Cambridge with the AHRC Research Centre for Musical Performance as Creative Practice.

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We have produced a programme for 2014 featuring some truly outstanding performances that aim to match up to our Mission Statement - Music You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else Around Here! Book your tickets now, because if you don’t you may well find we are sold out and you will miss some wonderful entertainment!